Our Services

We deal with complicated issues that require an extraordinary blend of technical, financial and industry expertise. We are professionals who help organizations with practically any issue throughout the corporate, financial and legal consultation sector.

  • Competition Information: Exporters and contact information
  • End User/Buyer Information: Importers and contact information
  • Shipping Information: Date of arrival, mode of transport, Ports, trading country
  • Cargo Information: Goods Description, shipping mark, number, weight, volume, container size

  • More Efficient: Through our service, your team can focus on the specific actions, rather than data collection.
  • Lower cost: We are committed to extricate you from wasting too much human & financial resources/marketing.
  • Controllable risks: Through our service, you can make a positive response, to deal with the risks in a timely manner.

Find New Opportunities in World Market

Our database can help you:

  • Forecast market trends and demand.
  • Generate Sales Leads.
  • Monitor Competitors.
  • Track Competitive Sources of Supply.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty.

What Client’s Say

“I am beyond impressed with the quality of service that M-tradex provides us. All we do is mark which customers we want to send to and they get all of the data and attachments they need electronically in a nightly run. Our oversea marketing efforts were a mess before we used M-tradex, and now we are so organized! I would highly recommend M-tradex to anyone.”
“M-tradex brings to the table a professional trade intelligence team focused on improving our marketing through innovative strategies and top of the line reporting tools.”
Hemadri Mistry, INDIAN OIL
“M-tradex is by far one of the best companies I have ever worked with. They are one of my top partners and continue to drive great quality leads. M-tradex‚Äôs team is great to work with and I can always count on them to get back to me in a timely manner. It has been a pleasure working with M-tradex and I am looking forward to working together for many more years.”
Yogesh Gujarati, BOMBAY DYEING
“If it has not been for M-tradex, the international market I have worked with would not have had the success they did. It is always a challenge to find a right way in overseas solutions! M-tradex provides a high level service and allows you to get easy access to your goal. You always know where your potencial buyers and competitors to just see how things are going.”
Bhagyalakshmi Dutta, BUVAMESH IMPEX INDIA


South American Countries Databases

  • Brazil Imp. & Exp
  • Mexico Imp. & Exp
  • Argentina Imp. & Exp
  • Colombia Imp. & Exp
  • Chile Imp. & Exp
  • Peru Imp. & Exp
  • Paraguay Imp. & Exp
  • Venezuela Imp. & Exp
  • Uruguay Imp. & Exp
  • Bolivia Imp. & Exp
  • Panama Imp. & Exp
  • Ecuador Imp. & Exp

Asian Countries Databases

  • China Imp. & Exp
  • India Imp. & Exp
  • South Korea Imp
  • Pakistan Imp
  • Vietnam Imp. & Exp
  • Indonesia Imp. & Exp
  • Srilanka Imp

CIS Countries Databases

  • Russian Imp. & Exp
  • Ukraine Imp. & Exp